"The best iron on the market" 


The Cure Tools were the first irons optimized for smoothing & curling hair! They are pioneered and designed to properly infuse keratin treatments, deep into the cuticle layers of the hair, for both resistant and stressed textures. Our sleek, lightweight, ergonomic design allows unsurpassed heat consistancy and keratin curling. The "kiss" edge design, with 4 1/2" plates, allows for a faster and closer keratin cure, while preventing burns while holding. 


The Cure Para-Magnetic Alloy

    • Pioneered & designed by the Keratin Artists of Simply Smooth
    • Tapered, "kiss" edge design prevents burns while holding and provides a closer cure
    • 4 1/2" plate allows for fast keratin curing
    • INSTA-HEAT technology for instant warm-up!
    • Dial temperature control prevents accidental shut off 
    • 360° tangle free swivel cord 
    • Lightweight, ergonomic design