Simply Smooth Xtend Between Dry Shampoo is a botanically blended, Keratin infused dry shampoo, created for all hair types, designed to revitalize, refresh, and revamp your hair in-between regular shampoos. It is will rid your hair of environmental impurities, while deoderizing and cleansing debris from your hair and adding smooth volume. Spray on, Fluff and Brush! No water required... It's as simple as that! 


Simply Smooth is hair care that really does care! We have created a line of high performance, salon quality hair care products, designed to repair and replenish dry, damaged and keratin depleted hair! Through different combinations of ingredients, such as keratin, collagen & other natural, nourishing botanicals, we have created a system that will not only extend the reparative process in your hair, but it will also hydrate, restore, strengthen, and protect your hair, as well. Consistent use will help protect and prevent your hair from future damage! 


It's not complicated... It's Simply Smooth!

Simply Smooth Xtend Keratin Replenishing Dry Shampoo

    • Spray on Fluff and Brush! No water required.
    • Designed to refresh, revitalize, deoderize, cleanse, and remove oil, dirt, smoke, unwanted odors, and other environmental impurities from the hair.
    • Talc Free
    • Infused with Keratin and other nourishing botanicals.
    • Sodium Chloride Free.
    • Compatible with all Smoothing Systems and Relaxers and all Permanent and Semi-Permanent Color Brands.
  • Simply Smooth products are created by professional hairdressers and are used in the top hair and beauty salons across the country. Simply Smooth is safe for all hair types, including hair that has been treated with relaxers and straighteners, perms and waves, and any hair color brand or keratin smoothing system. All of our salon quality products are created from the purest Keratin & other natural ingredients, ensuring that they are of the highest quality for hair care products on the market. They are Color Safe, and Compatible with All Texture Management Systems. Always Animal Cruelty Free, Made in the U.S.A and 100% Recyclable. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!