Ker-Argan Oil is an NV Complex enriched, botanically blended, Argan Oil, Keratin and Linseed infused serum, formulated from natural vitamins and minerals and designed with powerful heat protection, to nourish thirsty hair that lacks essential oils, enhances shine, repels humidity, eliminates frizz, smooths, seals split ends, and reduces fly-aways leaving your hair lusturous. With an incredibly sensual sage aroma, Pure NV Ker-Argan Oil will sooth your senses leaving you feeling calm and relaxed just as your hair will feel. 


Pure NV Ker-Argan Oil, & All Pure Nature's Vitamins Products contain the NV complex, a complex formulation of nutrients obtained from the purest fruits, vegetables and plants, that address specific needs in the texture of hair. By infusing this complex with rare Argan Oil, Pomegranate, Eggplant, and the purest Keratin and Collagen, we have created a system that will hydrate, repair, restore, strengthen, and protect your hair. Consistent use will help protect and prevent your hair from future damage.


Be envied with Pure NV.

Pure NV Ker-Argan Oil

    • Replaces natural essential oils by hydrating hair, repelling humidity, eliminating frizz, smoothing, sealing split ends, reducing flyaways, and imparting brilliant shine to leave your hair radiating.
    • Repairs damage caused by external elements such as heat, salt, and chlorine, and protects your hair from further damage. 
    • Excellent swimmers aid! 
    • Contains the NV Complex, formulated with a botanical blend of vitamins and nutrients obtained from the purest fruits, vegetables, and plants in nature that address specific needs in the texture of hair.
    • Color Safe, Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, and Paraben Free.
    • Compatible with all Smoothing Systems and Relaxers and all Permanent and Semi-Permanent Color Brands.
  • Pure NV products are created by professional hairdressers and are used in the top hair and beauty salons across the country. This product is safe for all hair types, including hair that has been treated with relaxers and straighteners, perms and waves, and any hair color brand or Keratin Smoothing System. All of our salon quality products are enriched with the purest Keratin and/or Collagen and are free of harmful ingredients like Sodium Chloride, Sulfate and Parabens, ensuring that they are of the highest quality for hair care products on the market. They are color safe, and compatible with all texture management systems. Always Animal Cruelty Free, Made in the U.S.A and 100% recyclable. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!